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The StartAir-Safe project aims to develop an immersive life-size ULM flight

simulator for the non-profit association Start Air. One goal is to learn to

people with disabilities how to fly.

More information on StartAIR



  • Tutors : Fabrice Dubost
  • Members : Corentin Ricou, William Bobo

Project objectives

The main objectif is to provide a software based on SimConnect technology able to

display FSX on a multi/computer/screen system.

Progress of the project

Week 1 (January 13th - Janurary 19th)


  • Project discovery
  • Initial contact with other members of the project
  • Research about flight simulator and possiblities



  • Flight simulator X

Hardware configuration

  • One machine with 3 or 4 video outputs
  • Two to three machine on the same network


  • A front projector and 2 lateral screen (or 2 lateral projector)
  • 2 front screen and 2 lateral screen

Week 2 (January 20th - Janurary 26th)

Global Configuration

Diagramme general.png

Diagramme startAIR.png

Meeting feedback

  • Take some measure
  • Search for screen

Cockpit configuration

  • 5 screen: 3 front and 2 lateral
  • 50cm x 60cm [4:3]
  • [50cm x 30cm] x 2 [16:9]

Week 3 (January 27th - February 2sd)

  • First writing of the software specifications
  • Searching for a good TV screen to buy
  • We continu to read SimConnect specifactions

Week 4 (February 3th - February 9th)

We have to make a presentation for the end of the week to show the project.

  • The prototype can receive data from FSX
  • We will use FSX recorder to recorde a flight and display it
  • We bought 3 32" screen for 199€ each

Week 5 (February 10th - February 16th)

  • Finishing the reading of SimCOnnect documentation
  • We start the writting of "Send-Class" to send private data to FSX

Week 6 (February 17th - February 23th)

  • It's the JPO week, We have a prototype working well on a N-screen configuration

PrototypeV1 startAIR.jpg

  • We are having problems of synchronisation with one of the 3 computers. It seem it came from the VGA cable, we will use only HDMI from now on.

Week 7 (February 24th - February 30th)

  • We start working on the hight level layer to create an auto-configuration of our client.
  • We start creating a C++ client/Server to take care of the configuration.
  • We are still adding feature to the prototype to display more data type.
  • The documentation software has been set up.

Week 7 (March 1th - March 7th)